Radio Controls

R&M RACON® Series II Radio Control Systems

Crane Operation Made Easy and Safe

Safety and ease of operation

  • Allows full concentration on crane operation, the operator does not have to follow the moving crane with an attached pendant control.
  • Crane operator can control the crane from the safest location, no restriction of a fixed-length pendant cable.
  • The transmitter's responsive two-step push buttons allow for easy and precise crane control.

Increased productivity

The transmitter stays with the operator, always ready for use. The crane can move at optimum speed and is not limited by the operator's pace.

Less maintenance - long life

  • Radio control has less maintenance and longer life since there is no pendant cable to wear out and replace.

Ultimately, a radio control system will help you increase productivity and reduce the risk of accidents at your site. In today's highly competitive and safety conscious world, a radio control system is a wise investment with a short payback time.

Two handheld transmitter models

RaCon® Series II system is available with two handheld transmitter models - RaCon® II and Racon® II Plus. These handheld, pushbutton style transmitters are ergonomically designed making them easy to use and carry. All operating elements are located on the front panel of the transmitter ensuring that each pushbutton is easily found and accessed.

Flexibility via Frequency Sharing Technology

Each RaCon® Series II system, which includes frequency-sharing technology based on high-level safety circuits and identification coding, is capable of sharing the same frequency without disturbing other nearby RaCon® Series II systems.

Plug-in microchip to minimize downtime

The RaCon® Series II system uses an EEPROM microchip to store the parameters. The EEPROM microchip inside the transmitter is easily accessible and well protected inside the transmitter. The preset microchip can be easily changed over to the backup RaCon® Series II transmitter and it requires no additional setup of parameters.

Quick swap battery packs - longer operating times

The rechargeable battery packs last up to eight hours on one charge and can be replaced in seconds. To reach longer operating intervals, the transmitter reverts to a standby mode if the controller remains unused for more than four minutes. The standby mode is overridden by pressing the START button.

RaCon® Series II Handheld Transmitter

  • 11 output relays (8A, 230V)
  • 2-step pushbutton for up to 3 movements (hoist, trolley, bridge)
  • START / HORN pushbutton
  • Key switch
  • STOP button
  • Standby mode
  • Hand strap
  • NiMH batteries
  • Battery charger with spare battery

RaCon® Series II Plus Handheld Transmitter

Includes the above features plus these:

  • 13 output relays (8A, 230V)
  • LCD display
  • Selector switch

Racon® Series II Plus floor level access to crane data

The RaCon® Series II Plus transmitter can be outfitted with an LCD display for interactive communication with R&M's HoistMonitor. When the hoist is equipped with the HoistMonitor, the display in RaCon® Series II Plus provides floor level access to the crane performance and condition monitoring data such as hoist status, actual loads, and more.

Easily added to an R&M wire rope hoist crane package!
(Includes horn and transmitter lock box)