QX & NRGMaster Crane Packages


1/2 - 80 Ton (500 - 80,000 kg) Capacities
QX® Modular Crane packages are pre-engineered, complete crane component packages utilizing cutting edge technology including the innovative Spacemaster® SX wire rope hoist. Variable frequency drives are standard on trolley and bridge motions for smooth starts and stops. Plug-in electrical cabling* and bolted structural connections simplify assembly.


  • Standard inverter offers two speed or 2-step infinitely variable speed control
  • CSA c/us approved NEMA 4 type rated control enclosures
  • Mainline disconnect switch (mounted in door)
  • Mainline contactor
  • Plug-in connections for easy assembly and maintenance*
  • 115 Volt transformer with fused secondary
  • Supports 208, 230, 460 or 575/3/60 power supplies, as well as 380/3/50. Control voltage for all power supplies is 115 volt (48 volt is optional)


  • PVC flat cables are UL listed and CSA approved with a temperature range of -31ºF to +221ºF (-35ºC to +105ºC)
  • Suspended from galvanized steel C-track
  • Galvanized steel cable trolleys with steel and plastic cable supports
  • Plug connections* on cables make installation, repair and replacement simple
  • and fast, saving expensive down time and the cost of an electrician

  • All movements can be controlled from a convenient, easy-to-reach plug-in pushbutton station (8 buttons including emergency stop button)
  • Independent C-track for pendant station allows operator to be positioned at a safe distance from load


  • Unmatched clearances - the floor area under your new crane can now be used more efficiently. Better hook to wall dimensions (A) compared to the competition. 
  • Lower roof heights/maximum lifting heights - Your new building design can be smaller and ore functional giving you savings in initial construction. Better hook to ceiling dimensions (H) compared to the competition.
  • Lower operating costs - Continual savings in heating and/or air conditioning expenses over the lifetime of your building.
  • Maximum flexibility- Factory layout and material flow planning is optimized.


NRGmaster is a crane electrification system that supplies power to the hoist. It is an alternative to the crane festoon system. NRGmaster is for wire rope hoist cranes located indoors or outdoors-under roof. NRGmaster cannot be used on cranes with chain hoists, in extreme ambient temperature conditions, in high dust areas, outdoors (no roof), or in hazardous locations.

NRGmaster consists of power and control cables that are enclosed in a flexible chain. The chain rests in a guide channel that is fastened to the web of the bridge girder. The free end of the chain bends into a U-shape and connects to the hoist tow arm while the other end fastens to the channel.

  • Crane spans up to 100 ft (30 m)
  • Maximum hoist capacity = 80 tons (80,000 kg)
  • One (1) hoist per bridge
  • Under-hung low headroom or normal headroom, and double girder suspensions
  • Faster crane installation
  • CSA approved cables
  • Increased hook coverage on shop floor
  • Decrease maintenance pitfalls associated with traditional c-track festoons
  • Radio control comes standard
  • Ambient temperature range: 32 - 105° F
  • Cannot be used in high dust areas or in hazardous locations