Personnel Netting: Sinco Flying Form Net

  • Provides passive fall protection with little or no training, ensuring improved worker safety
  • Easily attaches to form trusses with included snap hooks every 2 ft. (.6m) making installation quick and easy
  • One time installation, moves with form work reducing setup time to promote jobsite efficiency
  • Mesh does not interfere with decking forms increasing worker productivity
  • Provides protection from falling jobsite debris, materials, or equipment for added safety
  • Adjacent panels can be quickly joined using included snap hooks to increase jobsite flexibility
  • Superior UV-protected nylon mesh construction for added longevity and safety
  • Mesh rated to 6,000 lbs. (26.7kN)

Fall Protection Challenge
Many of today’s multi-story buildings are built using “?ying forms” to construct the concrete ?oors of the structure. These forms typically consist of a series of trusses which support a forming deck. Once a ?oor is poured the truss supports are lowered from the pour, pulled from the building, and ?own, using a crane, to the top of the building to repeat the process for the next ?oor. While the workers are placing the forming deck they are exposed to falls of greater than 6 ft. (1.8m). It becomes very dif?cult to protect the workers using standard fall protection equipment as no structure exists above the workers to provide an anchorage for tie-off.

Versatile and Flexible
The new Flying Form Netting System from Capital Safety acts as a passive fall protection system that can be attached to the form support trusses. Installed at the ?rst level, the netting stays in place and is ?own with the trusses for the duration of the project. Job site ef?ciency is improved because the system does not need to be reinstalled at each ?oor and workers can start placing forming deck immediately after the forms are positioned. Multiple Flying Form Netting Systems can be joined together with the included Snap Hooks to ensure maximum jobsite ?exibility.

Product Durability
The netting panels are made from a durable, square mesh nylon construction which reduces sag and maintains clearances below. The UV protective coating improves system longevity. The Flying Form Netting Panels are custom to each jobsite con?guration so please contact your Capital Safety Customer Service Representative for further details.