Personnel Netting: Sinco Adjust A Net

  • Adjust-A-Net's™ easily adjustable straps allow you to adjust any size net down to 50% of its original size, 15 ft. x 30 ft. max size (others available, see below)
  • Reduce sag with quick-adjust buckle releases
  • 3-1/2" mesh which is the smallest in the industry for better protection
  • A specially developed coating protects from the damaging effects of UV light, resists abrasion and securely bonds all convergent points
  • Inspection-ready test cords serve as a built in indicator and allow for the evaluation of Adjust-A-Net's structural integrity
  • Rugged steel snap hooks are placed every 48 inches. Staggered spacing on opposite sides allows any size Adjust-A-Net to be easily connected together
  • Adjust-A-Net is available with an attached debris liner for added workplace safety
  • Adjust-A-Net's long wearing, high-tenacity nylon has been tested to withstand a force greater than 17,500 foot-pounds and complies with ANSI and OSHA regulations

Adjust-A-Net is a one-of-a-kind (Patent 6,068,085) personnel net system that is specially designed to be easily adjustable, thereby fitting any and all workspaces where personal fall protection or debris capturing is required.

Versatile & Economical: Four net sizes adjust to fit any size or shaped environment, eliminating the need for numerous multiple sized nets. Shrink Adjust-A-Net down for compact areas or expand to full size. Snap them together for the largest areas. Reduce one side or the other for long, narrow applications. With Adjust-A-Net, custom or multiple single sized nets are no longer necessary.

Easy to Use: The patent pending design allows Adjust-A-Net to adjust to different sizes in minutes. Simply gather the net on one or two sides, then use the patent pending strap system to secure the net in the desired size and dimension. Adjust-A-Net easily adjusts on the ground before installation or in the air to reduce sag or resize to better fit your workspace.

Reduces Inventory: Four models are the most you'll ever need to have on hand. Odd sized or custom nets are no longer necessary and are not taking up valuable inventory space.

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