Multi-Purpose Sac

This patented clamp offers superior gripping features with the added benefit of a swiveling pad. Both gripping surfaces of the swivelling pad are smooth and non-marring. This clamp is lightweight, has a large grip range, and is easy to maintain.

• Recommended for turning plates from horizontal to verticalas well as through a 180° arc
• The convex, serrated cam swivels on a ball joint so that the area of cam engagement increases as load increases
• Drop forged body and shackle
• Clamps are 100% Proof Tested and Certificate of Test supplied with each clamp

Item Grip Range (in) Weight (lbs) Working Load Limit (ton)
Sac 1 0 - 1 6.25 1
Sac 2 0 - 2 14.25 3
Sac 3 0 - 3 40 6