Low Profile "Tea Cup"

Light-weight and economical solution for handling large precast concrete pipes.

Product Features:

  • Low Profile design required only wire rope be inserted through pipe
  • An efficient way to handle concrete water and sewer pipes
  • The Caldwell “Tea Cup” Pipe Carrier will save you time and money
  • Three sizes available, to handle from 3/4” to 1-1/2” cable, and lift up to 18 tons
  • Optional “Spoon Handle” allows the PC-3/4 “Tea Cup” to be guided into small diameter pipes
  • Complies with ASME standards

More Information & Pricing:

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Model Number Rated Capacity (tons) A (in.) C (in.) H (in.) G (in.) Weight (lbs.)
PC-3/4-F* 6.6 5.56 2.13 3.44 1.13 9
PC-1-F 13 6 2.63 4.38 1.38 12
PC-1 1/2-F 18 8 3.25 5.13 1.63 22[/table]