Hercules SLR provides the securing, lifting and rigging industries with an unsurpassed Inspection Maintenance Program and the best trained technicians in the business.

Our highly trained inspection and certification team will ensure your equipment complies with industry standards and regulations with the following services and equipment inspections:

  • Load testing up to 600,000 lbs (hydraulic, water weight)
  • Non-destructive testing (magnetic particle)
  • Destructive testing up to 500,000 lbs
  • Wire rope – all applications
  • On-site wire rope spooling
  • On-site wire rope power lubrication
  • Fall arrest – body harness, lanyards, horizontal and vertical lifelines, Uniline Safety Systems, DBI/Sala
  • Lifting gear – all sling types, hooks, shackles, eye bolts, swivels, etc.
  • Cranes – overhead and offshore
  • Hoists – manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and trolleys
  • Below the hook lifting devices
  • Rigging gear and hardware
  • Winches – air and hydraulic
  • Air tools
  • Hydraulic jacks

To keep your gear working longer and safer, we can help you:

  • Maintain inspection and certificate records through CertTracker®
  • Provide advance notice of inspection due dates
  • Schedule service time

Hercules SLR can also inspect and reverse engineer lifting equipment in order to provide certified drawings, lifting capacities and nameplates for existing equipment to become compliant.

All inspections comply with industry and legislative standards. Hercules SLRis registered to ISO 9001-2008 and our team has had training from a number of leading international companies who specialize in lifting gear application and material handling.WebslingswearposterENG_2012_LR

  • The Crosby Group
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • DBI/Sala
  • Miller Dalloz
  • The Crane Institute of America
  • Evita Wire Rope
  • Columbus McKinnon
  • Bridon
  • Yale Hoists
  • Coffing Hoists
  • Lifttech
  • CraneMart
  • Gorbel
  • Braden Winch
  • Kito Hoists
  • Tirfor

If a need for repair arises during an inspection, Hercules SLR can immediately make recommendations and schedule the repair to reduce work interruption and ensure your equipment meets or exceeds industry standards.

For more information on our inspection & testing services, please email us at