Hoist Options


Diagnostics that take the safety, maintenance and performance of the Spacemaster® SX hoist to new heights.

The HoistMonitor can be added to the hoist controls to assist in the safe operation, maintenance and performance of the hoist and crane by constantly monitoring and recording selected functions.

Three HoistMonitor configurations are available: the basic HoistMonitor, HoistMonitor Select and HoistMonitor Elite. In addition, various options are available for each of the configurations.

Refer to the Spacemaster® SX Wire Rope Hoist Technical Guide for detailed function descriptions. The HoistMonitor Select and the HoistMonitor Elite can be used individually or jointly to provide customized functionality. The HoistMonitor Select allows for more efficient planning and scheduling of preventative maintenance and repairs.


  • ControlMaster™ Plus and ControlMaster™ Elite Variable Frequency Drives
  • Cost effective open loop control with speed supervision, or closed loop control for demanding applications
  • Controlled acceleration and deceleration provides for smooth starts and stops, reducing brake wear and extending the life of the equipment
  • Multi-step (MS) speed control or infinitely variable (EP) speed control of hoist for easy, safe and precise load handling


  • Allows full concentration on crane operation, the operator does not have to follow the moving crane with an attached pendant control
  • Crane operator can control the crane from the safest location - no restriction of a fixed-length pendant cable
  • The transmitter's responsive two-step push buttons allow for easy and precise crane control
  • Transmitter can be outfitted with LCD display unit and / or selector switch


  • PD suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Light weight for easy handling and operation
  • Emergency Stop and Start buttons