Debris Netting: Sinco Vertical Debris Net

  • Vertical Net not only protects from falling debris but also protects workers near building edges by serving as a guardrail
  • 48" high x 100 ft. long with 55 EZ clips and 22 tie-down plates (other sizes available, see below)
  • Increases public safety by preventing falling debris
  • Eliminates the need for a separate mid-rail and toe-board
  • Easy to install, remove, relocate and store
  • Exceeds strength requirements of OSHA's 200 pound lateral force test
  • High visible so you know it is in place even from the ground level
  • Also useful as temporary partitions for crowd control or demolition
  • System comes complete with everything needed, vertical netting, zip clips for easy and secure net installation and tie-down plates to replace toe-boards and firmly set the net into place

Easy to Install: Designed for use with traditional cable set-ups, the nets attach to the cable with supplied DBI/SALA Zip Clips. The bottom edge of the net is quickly secured using a power actuated tool to fire the nail into the tie-down plate. The system is complete with Zip Clips and tie-down plates. The nets are supplied in 100' lengths in your choice of 48" or 66" heights (42" or 60" installed).

Easy to Remove: Relocate, handle and store. Removing and relocating the system is simple, saving you time and money. Simply remove the Zip Clips and pry the nails out of the tie-down plates with a hammer. The nets and hardware are reusable if properly removed and stored.

Meets all Regulatory Requirements: The DBI/SALA Vertical Net Debris Containment System is made of performance-proven polyethylene mesh which is UV resistant and fire retardant. They also exceed OSHA's 200 pound lateral strength requirements and the New York City Construction Code requirements.

Compare the Benefits: Our Vertical Net System is a complete system and:-Uses a tight mesh to contain large and small objects-Can act as a wind barrier, reducing the occurrence of wind blown objects-Acts as a visual safety barrier because of the netsÕ bright orange color-Available as a complete system or replace only what is needed