Saflok Concrete Wedge Anchor

Portable and reusable concrete anchor installs quickly and easily using standard concrete tools, providing a fast and safe tie-off point.

Saflok Toggle Anchor

Portable and reusable anchor installs in just seconds to concrete or steel for horizontal, vertical, or overhead applications, providing a compatible, fast and safe tie-off point.

Concrete D-Ring Anchor

A simple, versatile and safe concrete anchor solution for use in temporary or permanent applications provides a safe tie-off point.

Concrete Detent Anchor

A versatile, simple and safe concrete anchor utilizing pre-installed sockets enables the user to connect and disconnect from the anchorage by simply pressing a button.

Concrete Leading Edge Tripod

This anchor provides workers with a quick, easy and safe anchorage point during pre-cast concrete work.

Parapet Concrete Anchor

Parapet Concrete Anchor, non-penetrating, adjusts from 1” to 14.5” wide

Concrete Anchor Strap

Our disposable concrete anchor strap provides a temporary anchorage on concrete forms and is extremely easy to install and use.