AIR MILES® Reward Miles

1 AIR MILES® reward mile for every $20 spent* Cash and Debit Sales Only 1 AIR MILES® reward mile for every […] Read More >

Fall Protection

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EZ-Stop™ & Force 2™ Lanyards

The new and improved EZ-STOP™ and FORCE2™ lanyards now even lighter, stronger  and more durable than ever. They featuring a shock absorber that is […] Read More >

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Rollgliss™ R520

Rollgliss ™ R520 The Rollgliss™ R520 is the lightest, most compact unit on the market in its class. It simply is the best escape […] Read More >


Nano-Lok Edge

You live on the edge we’ll keep you safe. Specifically designed for foot level tie-off AND sharp edge applications 8 […] Read More >


Flexiguard Counter Weight Rail FAS

The FlexiGuard™ Counterweight Rail Fall Arrest System (FAS) is designed to use a FlexiGuard™ or customer-specified counterweight to extend an anchor point […] Read More >


Flexiguard Ladder FAS

The FlexiGuard™ Ladder Fall Arrest System (FAS) combines easy access to elevated work areas, with 100% fall protection. Operators are protected from […] Read More >


Flexiguard Fixed Frame Rail FAS

The FlexiGuard™ Boxed-Frame Rail Fall Arrest System (FAS) provides a convenient means of securing a rigid rail in areas with limited space […] Read More >


Flexiguard A-Frame Rail FAS

The FlexiGuard™ A-Frame Rail Fall Arrest System (FAS) provides a secure anchor point, in a portable structure, for increased worker mobility and […] Read More >


Portable Construction Guardrail System

Fall protection in its simplest form – requires no special training or gear Mounts in both parapet and edge grab […] Read More >


Portable Guardrail System

Free-standing system does not require engineered anchor points or surface penetration. Built-in rail and toe board recepticles allow for infinite […] Read More >


Personnel Netting: Sinco Adjust A Net

Adjust-A-Net’s™ easily adjustable straps allow you to adjust any size net down to 50% of its original size, 15 ft. […] Read More >