Barrier Grabs

Product Features:

  • Special Auto-Latch mechanism makes operation virtually hands free
  • No need to attach and secure lifting chains or slings
  • Barriers suffer far less damage resulting in longer life and reduced cost
  • The grab moves barriers quicker and easier than manual methods, resulting in less man-hours
  • There is no need to drill holes in the barriers to accommodate chains or slings
  • Replaceable polyurethane lifting pads are designed for unpainted barriers
  • Replaceable steel 'Dog Point' lifting pads are designed for painted barriers (typical in coastal areas)
  • Complies with ASME standards

More Information & Pricing:

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Model Number Polyurethane Pads Steel Dog Point Pads Rated Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs)
74-4 1/4 x 8500 450
74-7 1/4 x 14500 505
74-4 1/4-DP x 8500 450
74-7 1/4-DP x 14500 505[/table]